The prices for our sevices are below. All prices include GST 

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Photography Packages

Photography Only

Photography + 2D Floor Plan


Under 85sqm




House up to 250sqm







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All packages include hi-res images for print and low-res copies for online publication. Guaranteed 24-hour turn around from shoot to delivery.

We have no limit on the number of pictures taken, every property is different, some require more, some less.

Twilight Photography

In addition to above package

Return visit that evening







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The twilight photography in addition to a package comprises of the twilight shoot being completed at the same time as a regular shoot. For example, we'll arrive with enough time before sunset to shoot the house in daylight and then do the twilight shoot when the sun is setting.

Drone Photography

In addition to above package

Return Visit



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Drone photography is reliant on the weather conditions. A return visit on a more suitable day may be required.